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I am a Production Sound Mixer with 10 years of sound experience. My sound background began in music as a studio recording engineer. In 2005, I earned a certificate of completion in sound for film post production and music production from Video Symphony, located in Burbank, California. I was trained by Avid and Protools Certified Expert, Joel Krantz. 


In 2005, I worked for the legendary Film Director Gary Marshall’s Falcon Theatre, as the live sound operator for the “Groovaloos” production. I was asked to travel back home to New Orleans to sound mix a documentary about “Hurricane Katrina”. I really enjoyed being out on various locations recording sound. After returning to New Orleans, I worked various gigs, mixing live sound for theatrical plays and bands.


Determined to break into the film industry back home, I accepted jobs as a Boom Operator as well as Sound Utility. I am fortunate to have been a sound engineer and now a sound mixer in film production. I appreciate and still embrace my humble beginnings in this field. I've worked on many amazing productions and have also worked for the most passionate and experienced sound mixers in the industry. Allow me the opportunity to bring my vast sound knowledge, professionalism and positive attitude to your production.

"A Sound Mixer should work well under pressure and have the experience and knowledge in all aspects of sound for film productions."

- Dustin Fleetwood (Production Sound Mixer)

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